Privy Farms Garcinia and Stress Eating: How Your Mood Affects Your Weight

Most of us find comfort in food, especially when exposed in high-stress situation. Eating sugar-laden desserts or greasy, saturated-fat drenched foodstuff may be good for the soul but it’s definitely not good for the waistline, or the health, for that matter.

Stress eating is considered as one of the most common examples of overeating. The problem with relieving one’s self by eating is we tend to consume excessive amounts of food, more than we intended. It only gets worse when you feel guilty after wolfing down a whole burrito and a side order of chili fries on your own after a rough day.

Privy Farms Garcinia

Emotional eating is more common than most think. Some people have developed such habit that spanned years. And unfortunately, we don’t realize the dangers of emotional eating until it is too late. Worse, we don’t necessarily recognize them as bad behavior in the first place and we tend to justify our actions rather than doing something to change it.

Emotional eating is our own way to cope, compensating for an unfulfilling relationship or life in general. It’s normal to find ways to cope but stress eating is not healthy eating! It can have deadly consequences and it makes weight loss near impossible. For emotional eaters who are looking for natural ways to kick the habit, taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements like Privy Farms Garcinia is a healthy, natural way to lose weight and prevent stress eating.

Garcinia Cambogia and Stress Eating

Privy Farms Garcinia active ingredient comes from a type of sub-tropical tamarind fruit rich in hydroxycitric acid or HCA. Research shows that HCA helps release happy hormones in the brain called serotonin. This is why stress eaters would benefit best from taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

ing Garcinia Cambogia supplements helps suppress appetite, aid in weight loss, bring down blood sugar and cholesterol level in the body and maintain a cheerful, positive disposition too. While it’s not easy to completely eliminate stress eating. There are simple ways to minimize the urge for emotional eating such as:

Finding Ways To Deal With The Problem

It’s so easy to put the blame on stress when the irresistible urge to binge rears its ugly head. Realize that stress is simply a factor into stress eating; it’s not entirely the root cause of the problem. How you deal with the problem is the root cause of stress eating!


Because you overeat to make yourself feel good. You avoid the negative feeling by eating simply because you cannot deal with the real problem. By getting grips on your emotion, you will be able to minimize stress eating.

Calming The Urge Down

In order to minimize stress eating, you need to learn how you can bring down stress to a normal level. We recommend doing bits of deep breathing exercises 5 to 10 minutes each day. You can also do yoga or meditate after work. Finally, you can bring down stress levels by taking a break, lie down and close your eyes. Resist the urge to stress eat. Clear your mind and let your thoughts wander. You want to remove your consciousness from the chaos in order to think clearly.

There’s no need to associate eating with coping with stress. One way to deal with stress eating is to count 30 to 60 each time you feel the urge to binge. This will help you determine the root cause of your hunger and calm yourself rather than mindlessly munching on chips or sweets to cope. Taking a long walk or doing light exercises also helps manage stress and prevent emotional eating. The idea here is to put as much distance between yourself and your fridge.

Taking Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Garcinia Cambogia supplements like Privy Farms Garcinia helps in releasing more serotonin in the brain. One of Privy Farms Garcinia’s active ingredients, HCA, helps inhibit stress hormone cortisol thus, minimizing the urge to stress eat.

There are many Garcinia Cambogia supplements brands to choose from. However, in order to ensure you are getting authentic Garcinia Cambogia supplements, always look for a product that’s made in the US.

Proper dosage is also a critical element in the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia as a stress reliever and weight loss aid. Ideally, you need to take 500-1000 milligrams per serving, two times before each meal. Garcinia Cambogia supplements with too low or too high dosages may cause adverse effects in the body. Additionally, you want to look for Garcinia Cambogia supplements that has the FDA symbol such as Privy Farms Garcinia.

Garcinia Cambogia supplements have to contain 60% HCA otherwise you will not maximize its benefits. It’s the standard amount of HCA to ensure its efficacy. Some sub-standard Garcinia Cambogia supplements only offer 50% HCA or lower. These products are less potent and will not provide the desired effects.

Finally, always look for Garcinia Cambogia supplements that contain potassium, calcium or chromium like Privy Farms Garcinia supplements. Avoid Garcinia Cambogia supplements that contain preservatives, binders or fillers.

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